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Swap In Stunning Strike fix (poll)

Something has to be done here. This meta is about to be the most annoying I’ve ever seen after the boost shuffle happens (I was not around for the Dracorat Nuke meta). SISS is just too oppressive, especially with the max boosted Ceramagnus stampede on its way. I would like to know what the community would prefer in terms of toning the move down.

  • Remove Stun aspect. 1x armor piercing damage.
  • Remove Armor Piercing aspect. 1x damage + 66% chance to stun
  • Reduce Damage to .5x attack + armor piercing + 66% chance to stun
  • Leave SWISS as is

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Let’s include latest poll about people feeling for swap-in-damage:

I say leave is as since I have never seen a problem with the move, so much as the creatures that have said move cough Magnus cough

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What I want to see is it be a what it says “a swap in stunning strike” not a “swap in armor piercing stunning strike”, also I would like to see swap in stun (which does NO DAMAGE!!!) to be made a 100%, I know that would make phosora and nemys more op but I see a lot of people complaining about only a small few arena viable creatures and this would definitely help (also there cunning so I know a lot of us would like to see more cunning)


Option 5: Re-evaluate which creatures actually should have SISS in the first place


Not wrong. Monostegotops and kin are the only ones who seem balanced enough to have such a move.


I have a plethora of issues to state about that thing. I just feel like nothing is going to be done about the “shiny new toy”.

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You left the option off for .5 damage and no AP

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I feel like that wouldn’t go off very well because no one likes drastic changes but I’m with ya


More votes than voters…

its multi-choice I think


I agree. It shouldn’t have a stunning move if it already pierces armor… 5 would awesome too.

It’s multi choice. You pick 2

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I’m swiss and I’m offended by the joke xP

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I say dump it all together off anything with it, everyone here has at one time been the victim of ----> insert rhino/stego type here, especially when its inconsistent against dinos who dont have stun immune all the sudden have it you cant beat what’s in front of you without swapping constantly then maybe you need to find something else to do…my 2 cents.

I agree with this.