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Swap In stunning Strike is now 100%?

I use it. But it also was an unannounced change that currently does nothing. So potential buff in the next update thst wasnt supposed to be shown right now.

Yeah thats true there should have been an announcement somewhere.

It seems to be a visual error. Some alliance members and me included had some failed swap-in-stuns, meaning that the 100% is either not working or it‘s simply a graphic error.

Nevertheless, it caused some lost battles cuz we thought the 100% chance was new and we counted on it, but turns out it doesn‘t work. Already wrote support.

But it sure was exciting. :smiley:

Come hunt Shiny Pokémon with me lol


i tested it and nope definately not 100%

The good news if this is real is that it’s a slight buff to Monostegotops (even though no one uses it) the bad news is that Now everyone will be complaining about the Wolly rhino and have nerf posts of it every day.

I think this will make skill-tournaments less RNG-dependant to some extent, which is nice. As for what will happen to the arena, :grimacing:


Sometimes it feels like Ludia is getting sick of their own game and tries really hard to convince the user base to finally stop playing it…


I don’t really see how this will have that much of an impact unless a lot of creatures are going to lose their stun resistances.

I think if anything it will only make dealing with the nitro Thors slightly easier, and avoid the annoyance that is a creature with 0% stun resistance no selling the Stun effect, but against anything with a high or total resistance to Stun, the effect will still be the same as it always was.

I guess this one goes out to everyone who wants as little RNG in the game as possible, no matter the consequences. Personally I would be ok with the 100% stun chance if they added/buffed the stun resistance of more dinos. But it doesn’t change the fact that certain swap in stun users are some of the most unbalanced things in the game right now, and now it’s only going to get stronger. I can only hope they have some other kind of nerfs in mind for this move.


If it is true then just remove swap in stun :joy:
Is swop in stun still 66%? Or has that been changed aswell

Bro, you’ve been talking about leaving the game for a year :joy:

Naw man, we’re in this together :joy::joy::joy:

But seriously, this is nutty. Who came up with this idea?


They are trying so hard to kill this game that I really think that Ludia simply need the JWA server for another game. They cannot kill the game since those who invested money into the game would be too mad, so instead, they want to make the players quit on their own by sinking that ship, slowly but surely…


What?? I’ve been COMPLAINING for a year, even more than that, lol, but never said I would leave it man

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They should honestly replace swap in stunning strike with Swap in stun, being able to swap in while removing the opponents turn is already strong enough you dont need the free damage ontop of that.


Hey everyone! Just want to let you all know that this has been forwarded to the team to look into.

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Definitely not 100% chance to stun… Just failed on a Tryko…

I posted about this 8 days ago saying Cera inaccurate as it says 100%as well

in the instructions it says 100%.
I have filed a claim with the apple store. I have spent money to climb the monolorrino for nothing

It’s not 100% yet. Just description changed as did sometimes before, for changes that were introduced in next update.

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