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Swap In stunning Strike is now 100%?

It’s been datamined… And if it is true things like tryko and thor you can kiss goodbye :wave: If anything most creatures with the move specifically magnus and mrhino need a nerf. Not a buff.

We will need the official notes to really say but with this as the only context and if it goes this way you can kiss all dinos goodbye who aren’t stun resistant or do swap in stun. Meta would be stun resistant and swapping only.

regular swap in stun should be 100% . It is a hill i will die on.


I might not be understanding your point, but the top players in the game on the whole want a meta with better battles, better balance, and more variety. I don’t know anyone who wants two of the most dominant dinos to become even more powerful.


As in every facet of life, the “haves” want to continue being “the haves”.
They don’t want the “have-nots” competing with them.
Buffing their best dinos ensures they’ll rule the leaderboard this season, as well.

I don’t blame them for that. It’s human nature.
It’s easy to say everyone wants equality and equity… but that doesn’t make it true.
Competitors want to win. The top players want to win.
Buffing two of their best just helps keep that status quo.


Actually a lot of top players hate ceramagnus as it’s one of those creatures that’s so dominant that you’ll really struggle without it, killing diversity. People already hated it for the ability it has to just bulldoze teams at level 27.


That’s completely fine for some creatures, ceratopsians for example. 66% was horrible, being certain is much better regardless if you are stunning or being stunned.

Some creatures are simply OP even without 100%. Wooly Rhino for example, we are complaining about it since 2.0, so about a year lol


That being said, we can just make two separate moves, like:
Swap In Stunning Strike
Swap In Acute Stunning Strike

Because I think that many creatures deserve that 100%, but not all of them

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I agree and with a 100% stun that would work all the time.

I dont think swap in creaturs should stay like this. I hope 2.7 does something to change the current meta(the swap in meta). I think there could be a new game mechanic or something like that to combat swapping in to get a kill.

Yes, the top players want to remain at the top of the leaderboard, but hundreds of players have max leveled and boosted Monolorhino at this point and the Apex dna is distributed somewhat randomly to anyone who has a decent alliance. The top players don’t get any advantage at all from buffs to those two creatures. I finished at more than 8000 trophies last season and more than 9000 the season before, and I don’t know anyone who wants buffs to the swap in stunners.

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