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Swap in trial missing new creatures

Bug Description: Today’s swap in trail must not have been updated to include the 2.8 creatures with swap in abilities, as I’m not able to select any of the Scorpius Rex’s, etc.

Area is was found in: Swap in trial tower

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Attempt trial, note missing creatures from selection


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Thanks, Somedinoguy. I’ll notify our team!

No problem @Ned . Just a (somewhat) rhetorical question, but I was under the impression JWA was done in Unity, correct? Jurassic World Alive | Unity
If so, why not use a more OO design and incorporate inheritance/class structures so “the list of dinos with XXX property” doesn’t have to get updated with every release? It would also help prevent issues like the 200 DNA per Andrewtherium fuse bug as well.

I totally realize this question opens a can of worms but just gotta ask :man_shrugging:

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For some reason it doesn’t say Scorpius Rex Gen 2 is a Swap In creature, even though it has the ability Defensive Swap In.

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Just found out that the Gen 1 Scorpius Rex is compatible with the Swap Trial, but not the Gen 2. that’s kinda odd. :confused:

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