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Swap in vs Instant stuns

Does anyone else think the chances of the stun landing should match with instant stun and swap in stun? Obviously I do, and I’d like to see that be the 66%. Then again, if all the thor and utarinex users cry too much, I’d be happy to see the swap in chance go to 75%

I see no logical reason for them to be different.

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That did always confuse me. Swap in Stun having a lower stun chance never really made logical sense to me, I guess it’s to prevent someone from swapping in and out, but them being locked in defeats that advantage.

Eh I really don’t like them but I understand that they are good for changing things up. I think 75% is ok, it makes them reliable but not guaranteed.

I’m fine with the way it is now, but if it is to change than I’d rather have everything be 75%

I’d like all the RNG based prevention type moves to be 66%. Stun, dodge, evasive.

I have yet to see a enemy swap-in stun with 66% chance to fail … seems like 100% to me

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