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Swap not hitting for correct amount

In battles i have noticed that the Dracoceratops ability Swap in Savagery, is not hitting like it should. Which is 40% of a targets total health.

Now i know that things such as armor or dodge abilities can weak this, and while annoying that has never bothered me.

Rather it is this, each time i have faced Magnapyritor, i have hit under expected damage. I noticed this before, but could never remembered to double check the amount it hit for being correct.

Finally i did remember, while i did not remember the precise amount it hit for. IT was in the 800-900 damage range out of 4002 ( did remember the full health amount ) is not the correct amount at all. So it is hitting for about 20% rather than the full amount.

They had used the distraction attack the previous turn. So it might be that somehow affecting the Draco, even though the attack was used on a different Dino the previous turn.

Magnapyritor has rend resistance. SI savagery would do less.


It has Distracting Impact, which should not affect a freshly swapped in creature.

To say it should affect a swap in, is like swaying bleed damage should effect the next creature that is swapped in.

Distraction should not linger from one creature to the next, without a new attack being launched.

I might also add, it is only in this match up that have i seen this happen. And this one alone.

It has rend resistence meaning rend only does 50% damage on creatures like indom, erlidom and magna. Indom g2 has 33% and monolon has 75%. There are also more creatures with this but is the rarest thing to have besides nullification which is even rarer.

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You’re not understanding. Magna has rend resistance. Meaning rending moves like SI savagery do less damage to it.

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Had to double check and even look that one up, as it so rarely comes up in battles. Though that could be more from never noticing outside that swap, as most other times an effect is in play. But thanks colin.