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Swap or not

My team atm, really want to fit Tryos in there but not sure who to bench in it’s place. Any advice? I hover around 3500 trophies with the current team

I would swap allosino, since he has low armor. Yes, he has instant charge, but utahsinoraptor has it too, and more damage. Swap out tryo with allosino. You need more immunity


Yeah sounds logical, allosino does seem to just die more than anything else :sweat_smile:
Maybe just bench him till I get the ingredients to create thor

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I think Monolometroden is underestimated. It having many different abilities including shield busting, distraction, and remove pos. eff. I’ve found it more useful than my Tryo many times and since it’s common components it can be leveled higher than Tryo typically. Remember it has speed of 126 and can’t be slowed due to immunity.

I would lose either Allosino or Stegod, but that’s just what I would do. Trago seems to be a better tank then Stegod these days and has a better kit and more speed, plus I dont really like more then one dedicated tank on my team.

You will have to figure out what works for you. :grin:

Definitely swap out allosino for tryo. You gain speed, immunity, higher crit, and DSR. Pretty soon you’ll need to replace Velo also. Perhaps with monomimus.

Swap out I-Rex, you don’t need any of that RNG nonsense

Yeah, working on indo to replace the velo. Gonna be a sad day as he has been with me from the start :stuck_out_tongue: been having some good results after swapping tryo for allosino

disharting as it is when he dodges nothing, gotta love this less then 500 health double dodge ko’s :'D

Yea indom is slow and can be easily handled with shields. Even his potential 4x move isn’t all that if shields are up. He has a few good moments, but basically just fusion soup for indoraptor.