Swap out dinosaurs in friendly without modifying team Loadout save options for dinosaur test


Please add loadout options so we can easily fight and test dinosaur in friendly battles.


If you’re suggesting what I think you are I agree! If we could select our dinosaurs for friendly without having to modify our team that would be a plus! IE not having to switch just for friendly and having to switch back!

I have a ton of dinosaurs I want to try but having to modify each time and modify back after is a pain


Yes exactly that what i was thinking


I agree, this is a great idea, I too have a bunch of dinosaurs I would love to try out… but as I have done in the past, I would forget to swap them back and start a battle in the Arena and realize instantly that I forgot to swap out and hand my trophies to someone else.


Yes exactly what happened with me too i added test dinosaur in my list to play friendly battles then i forgot to switch and lost in real battle


If you want to get allot of attention in this thread change the title to Swap out dinosaurs in friendly without modifying team!


Every time someone responds it moves to the top so we need to get allot of attention with this idea!


Done thanks for the tip


Yes your absolutely right


Yessssssss!!! The whole point of friendly battles is to get to play with all our dinos, not just the leveled up ones on our competitive battle teams.


Thought I would bump this