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Swap out needs to be fixed

So I was using blue, they were using the sloth. I immediately tried to switch to dracorex when the moves popped up. I know I picked to switch creatures before they did cause I had to wait. But their creature swapped out first to a titanaboa. Then when my blue tried to swap, it rampage and killed my blue. Blue is faster than sloth and I choose to swap out first, so why did they get to swap first? Dracorex is also faster than titanaboa. Nothing made sense about what happened and it cost me the match. Add swapping to the many things that need improvement.

Umm, did sloth use camouflage first? As camo has a speed up effect to 133


The above comment captures things pretty well, but the way swaps work is the fastest creature swaps first, and the fastest swap in creature moves first. Meaning if I swap second but my swapper is faster my swapper hits first. This means that in speed ties (ie you and I both swap to rhino) if I choose to swap faster despite having the slower creature I attack with my rhino faster (according to my testing). It sounds like your blue was slower than the sloth due to camo and so was unable to swap first