Swap/switch teo or more buildings/dragons

I think it would be useful if you could swap two buildings with ease, for context I have a full village and I’m not vert far in the game and when I have to switch two dragons I have to: put one in the hangar, then move the other,next I have to pull out the one I put in the hangar and move it.

For example,please don’t cancel this post, in clash of clans you can drag a building over an other of the same size and they will switch places. It would save so much time, the only other way would make some tipe of village edit mode,still dont cancel this, like clash of clans, where it shows you the empty village and at the bottom you have all of your buildings/dragons so you can rearrange.

Thanks for reading


Interesting idea :+1::thinking::+1:

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Or when you move a building you can temporarily place it where ther isn’t any space so you can switch them but when you push something else it tells you " place building in available space" or something like that

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ok i will try

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