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Swapping and Priority


So, everyone seems to have DracoG2 now. What I don’t understand is why the draco gets priority attack over everything? If I my dino is faster or I use a priority move, like Instant Distraction, why shouldn’t they have priority? Am I the only one that thinks Ludia screwed that up?

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It’s not just Draco, every SIA is like that. I think it’s fine like that.


Swap-In Abilities
Some creatures now have access to Swap-In Abilities (or SIA for short). When you perform a SIA, you get the benefit of having swapped out your previous creature, having swapped in your new creature and performing an ability, all in a single action!

A SIA only occurs if you manually swapped. This does not occur when you initially deploy your first creature, or when you replace a dead one.

When a creature has a SIA, it performs it before any Priority Ability has the chance to act, because all swaps are done beforehand .

Note that if both players swap to creatures that perform a SIA, the fastest of the new creatures will get to act first.

Order of resolution for a battle turn becomes:

  • Perform all swaps
  • Perform all Swap-In Abilities according to speed
  • Priority Ability
  • Speed order

There is one creature family that has Swap-In Abilities as a core mechanic: Pterosauria

Other creatures were modified to feature Swap-In Abilities, these are listed in the Swap-In Abilities table , below.

Swap abilities prevent the creature from swapping for one or two turns, this is called binding (a creature is said to be “Bound”). Note that this special type of Swap Prevention occurs even if the creature is Immune, since this is self-inflicted. However, this negative effect can be cleansed through the usual means.

Be aware that effects that give a free swap (i.e. Impact and Run) can “chain” into free Swap-In Abilities!

In this case, the SIA is performed immediately after the creature enters the field. Note that if the opponent hasn’t acted yet, this SIA occurs even if the new creature is slower than the currently-present opponent.

Triggering SIA is all about the finesse, timing, and prediction of what your opponent does! Note that most creatures with SIA are so versatile that their attributes are under the average of other creatures of a similar rarity.


Thanks, guys. I understand SIA, I just don’t think it’s necessary to hand someone TWO priority turns in one turn. You get to swap out first AND you get to perform a strike first? The special ability should be, you get to attack when normally you wouldn’t get an attack on a swap. I guess I’m the only one, but I don’t feel it should also give you a priority strike over a faster creature or priority move, when it’s not labeled a priority strike.

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That would make some SIA pretty useless in many circunstances, Like stun SIA, or Alanky’s invincibility…


I guess my point is it should be labeled priority. The fact that they even get to use the move after swapping in is a special benefit in and of itself. To also make it a priority over all other priorities is an extra benefit that is a little too powerful in some cases. Its disappointing to strategically anticipate a swap in move and use Instant Distraction instead of going for an attack, and your priority move doesn’t happen before a a move like a 2x strike? Opponent just got three benefits for a simple swap: 1. the swap happens before anything else, this is fine; 2. the new creature gets to make a move when normally that doesn’t happen on a swap, the SIA, is fine, too; but 3. the SIA is now given priority over everything else?

i don’t think it’s unreasonable to argue for priority moves like instant distraction to take effect on a Draco2G before it strikes.


i have yet to jump on the Draco2G bandwagon, cause i’m worried Ludia will screw me again like they did with stegodeus and trago. pretty frustrating to lose consistently to those two, go thru the effort to collect dna and unlock them, then Ludia goes and changes their abilities. i feel like at some point soon they will realize their mistake with Draco2G.


maybe you should just level it up to 15 (for the hybrid) and give it a try :slight_smile: Even if they nerf dracorex gen 2 (and they will for sure and hopefully buff dracoceratops) it is a win-win for you.

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If it’s a priority move, it could be…

Well they will certainly nerf DRaco2, but hey, Stegod and Trago are still pretty good… Many would say Trago is even better now.


yeah, i plan to…but gold is a precious resouce when you don’t spend actually money on the game. so upgrading it means i have to sacrifice other upgrades.

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Trago has been my fav ever since unlocking, but it was much more powerful before they changed it’s cleanse.


I still use tragod (lvl22) and if ludia won’t do anything stupid I will keep levelling it :slight_smile:
The change to cleanse only hurts tragod against bleeders but it can still put up a fight. (it is fast, tanky and still hits like a truck :D)