Swapping between arenas


Is it possible to play in the first arena after I unlock the second one? I’d like to keep collecting T-Rex DNA

Let us Pick Arena

Ya I can’t find a way to do this either.


Just lose enough battles to be bumped back down


Hey guys! I am on Arena 4 now and I can confirm you can get DNA from the past battle arena’s in the incubations. As this was my concern as well as I wanted Rexy and finally got him through other arena via incubations.


Let us pick the arena we want to fight in. I see people purposely lossing so their battle rank goes down to get into a different arena. I assume it’s so they can focus on a specific rate incubator dinosaur.

I want incubators focused on T-Rex or others too, but want to keep moving up in arenas.

Should let us pick the arena.


Couldn’t agree more here, I’m in nubland jungle and want the t-rex so thinking of lowering my arena level just so I can get the 8 hour t-rex incubator


I want the Rex. I dropped down myelf.


Disagree. Picking arena is as bad as losing in order to go back: your dinosaurs will be overleveled fighting the people who is just starting and they will probably feel frustrated and maybe stop playing if suddenly their level 3 common team has to face level 17 legendaries. Instead they should let us pick a few dinosaurs we want DNA from, to prevent people from doing this and making matches even more unbalanced and annoying.