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Swapping Dinos question


I thought swapping in battle always results in losing 1 go, there are I believe few exceptions but something happened to me and a fellow player which didn’t make any sense, opponent swapped Dino but didn’t lose his turn, can anybody explain?if you think it can help I can write which Dinos were in the battle but they did not have any speed tricks

Automatic swap? What is that and why is even happening?!

I think if they swap to a Dino that is faster than yours, then they won’t lose a turn. Once they swap, you’ll be able to attack them once before it’s their turn (of course assuming that their Dino is faster). But if heir Dino is slower, you get to attack two times before it’s their turn.


The dinos with special ability (like Impact and Run and Hit and Run) attack you, then automatically swap and, if the dino that will come out is faster than yours, your opponent won’t lose any turn.

Otherwise, if they swap without those special abilities, you will gain for sure one free attack in this turn and then, if the opponent choose a dino slower than yours, you will gain another free attack, for a total of two.

Hope this can clarify your doubts. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys but i am aware that some dinos have abilities to cleanse be immune, deflect or simply be faster, but a couple of times it did not make sense, i Remember what my Dino was but not the opponent, I remember it did not seam to have any trick to justify it’s double turn, if it happens again I’ll make sure to check properly


Have your experienced automatic swap? Your dinosaurs are automatically swapped without you you giving the command. I have experienced it at least 4 times now and it has altered my chances at winning.


When in battle my dinosaurs are sometimes automatically swapped out causing me to lose while I’m on a streak. Anyone else have this problem? Is it normal?


And you are definitely sure you are not using a Dino with the automatic swap?


I’ve had it happen to me and it happen to the guy I was fighting.

I think it happens when you have a slower dinasaur and you use a stun attack and your opponent gets stunned. You then switch to a faster dinosaur than the one you are fighting. After the swap his turn is lost because he is stunned and you then attack twice in a row after the switch because your new dino is faster.

Sometimes I find it useful with steg to use slowing attack and then the 33% stun and then the 75% stun after and swap when the opponent gets stunned (by this time steg is almost dead).

If I recall correctly these are the only situations the oddity has happened. (I may be wrong)