Swapping Mechanic


Okay so it’s really obnoxious that cooldowns reset upon swaps. The best example is raptors, obviously. Pounce, immediately swap, lose their dino, put raptor back in, pounce. It should be set up so that the dinosaur has to be actively in the fight for the cooldowns. That makes more sense to me. And it would definitely balance raptors a bit.

Before anyone says anything about my last comment on raptors and going herp derp just counter raptors with dinosaur x y and z. You don’t always have your raptor counters in every fight and sometimes they die before the raptor. In those cases, there is nothing you can do to really stop a raptor from tearing you apart. My suggestion is to make it more balanced when playing against people who just constantly swap raptors out and in. Seems reasonable to me.


my Erlikosaurus gen 2 loves a good old raptor snack, yummy


Of course there are raptor counters but you people are missing the point of the OP, and it’s a very good point. You can’t counter a raptor if the player cowardly swaps to another dinosaur to keep the raptor safe, which sadly happens all the time. Preventing swapping all together or the benefits of swapping for all dinosaurs is not the solution, though, as it would deeply hurt an important and interesting mechanic of combat strategy.

The more I think about it, the more clear I see it: Raptors (veloci and company) should get a debuff every time they use Pounce that prevents them from swapping for 2 turns. That’s it. No nerfing, no reducing damage or adding cooldown, but at least avoiding this nasty swapping situation that happens constantly.


I’m sitting at 3000 im the arena. Consider myself an okay player. I also swap raptors. But I think it’s complete bs. No need to be a keyboard warrior


That would be a pretty interesting idea!


The best and most logical fix would be to let the cooldown do its actual thing; apply a cooldown, even if you swap and put your dino back it should still have a cooldown.

I see numerous players swap raptors back and forth just for the purpose of pounce and it completely broke the game. Now everyone is starting to have indo’s it is even worse.

Apply the cooldown as it is supposed to work; let the skill go on a cooldown even if swapped, it remains on the cooldown unless you have the dino op. That’s what it is supposed to do, yet doesn’t. I like tactical swaps but swapping raptors all day doesn’t seem so ‘tactical’ to me.


Just use a stego. Easy counter. Anyone swapping dinos is giving you free hits. So just wreck their dinos.

Raptor pounce.
Stego thagomizer
Raptor swap.
Stego strike.
Other dino attack
Stego strike
Swap back to raptor
Stego Thagomizer
Stego strike
Raptor dead

Stego is super common so it’s easy to get a high level stego. You can also easily get a stegoceratops hybrid for even more countering ownage


The only way that works is if that raptor is very low level. Stego gets pounce damage, then some damage from the second dinosaur, and then when raptor comes back, stego won’t have the chance to use thagomizer again since raptor will easily finish her off what little health she has left. And raptor lives to pounce another day.


Swapping out against stego = choosing a counter for stego though…


Both the stego and stegocera cannot tank 2 pounces.
Swapping removes negative effects; thus tragomizer is denied, pounce has 1 turn ‘cooldown’ while tragomizer has 3, slowing impact even 4. Swapping raptor vs first slow works too good. They can’t tank a second pounce thus calling them back isn’t going to save you later on.
My stego is level 17, my stegocera is level 19. Leveling up requires an immense amount of coins at this level; simply ‘leveling up’ is an understatement. I can’t unless i go grind gold for a week, for one level.

I am in the ‘pro raptor’ camp but people need to start understanding multiple factors being brought together; not just one.

Stego in higher arenas is even becoming an invalid pick since most players start to get indoms and other legendaries. Picking one dinosaur to counter only one isn’t working efficiently enough. It really is becoming a bad pick in higher arenas unfortunately, especially due to high CD and no other skills.


When you swap you get a free hit. So if they swap raptor back in, he wont get a second pounce because you’re slowing him on the free hit. The next strike will finish the raptor off.

Don’t do it if you don’t believe me. I really couldnt care less. Ive been doing it successfully for a while now.


No, no, but you wouldn’t swap raptor back in. You would let your second dinosaur die and then bring back raptor, without swapping, thus raptor always attacks first in this scenario


@fred my post was specifically for helping lower level people through the lower arenas in non legendary battles, when you start including legendaries and the 3000+, it’s a whole new meta and pretty much only pay2win rules there.


Thats why you don’t swap the raptor back, you pick an indom, the allo, even an dimetro,… You get the idea. I know what you mean but those are bad players and don’t use the raptor to its full potential.

The stego is easily beaten by anything with armor pen; it can ‘only’ strike so does what… 800-1000 dmg? Thats it. Kill the allo or indom which can still do loads of damage, swap back to raptor for a pounce to finish off the dino and that’s 2 down. Raptor is still at half health; the allo or indom might be dead at this point but it is 2 - 1 for the enemy.

If he actually uses the indom (again) and you don’t hit through the dodge it is 3 - 1. Welcome to Arena 7. I would love to believe the stego is a valid dino in arena7; but it simply isn’t. It is a waste of coins vs something way more versatile like the stegocera or nodopato, for example. Unless you buy gold ofc. then gold isn’t an issue.


Then after you take out one of theirs, you swap in your least useful dino, let it get pounce one shot and put stego back in and you’re back to square one. If they swap out again, you’ll kill their dino again so they can put in their raptor and you’re up 2-1. Even if you have to sac another dino and make it 2-2, they won’t have pounce, so either they keep raptor in to die or swap it out again, giving you another free hit and being 2-2 they can’t rotate raptor back in again for the pounce without swapping and giving you yet again another free hit. You’ll still have the leg up to get the 3rd kill and win.


Again, fred not even talking about 3000 rating plus, it’s a whole different meta. If you don’t have epics and legendaries, there’s nothing you can do that high.


But swapping stego is not worth it the way swapping raptor IS worth it. Swapping steep grants free hits to your opponent, and at best just allows raptor to keep pouncing you. Again, it would only ‘maybe’ work if your stego is too overleveled or raptor very underleveled


Thats why i still stick to my arguments and tell you you’re wrong, for the higher arenas. You are completely right for lower arenas but don’t ever count on it in higher arenas; it does not work and i warned you. For your second comment; one pictures says enough. I still kill players on a regular basis even when they have legendaries. You just need to outsmart them; hence why i still have the stego because i don’t have anything else decently leveled for this arena. I wish i could believe the stego is ‘the wondertool’ of the game but it isn’t. :sweat_smile:


Exactly what I’m saying :smile:


Like I said… My point is that where you dont have your raptor counters (they died or you didn’t get them in random team selection), then there’s not much you can do when someone keeps swapping raptor before you kill it. A high level raptor is unstoppable if it keeps getting swapped. Even if I get a free hit on them, they just whip out their raptor after I kill their current dino, which kills me, them they swap out raptor and repeat. It’s happened enough times for me to have to post about it. Losing that way is frustrating as there isn’t much you can actually do