Swapping vraptor in battle


I decided that if opponents starts to swap the vraptor so they can keep using the pounce i’ll Stop playing and let the opponent “playing with themeselve”, if nothing else they have to wait for the countdown to reach zero everytime


No point. These aren’t people playing but AI with the player’s dinos. They don’t give a stuff how long you take. Use your armoured stuff or dinos with slow, you’ll soon be taking them out.


Suit yourself. The velociraptor swapping is really annoying, for sure, and I’ve been a vocal advocate of The need for ludia to fix it. But for now, like it or not, raptor swapping is an important and useful tactic in combat and its not against the rules either, so you giving up like that will only bring boredom to your opponent and trophy loss for you, but you will accomplish nothing. Instead, if you fight to the end instead of running away, sometimes you can still get the game despite this.


i’ll do that, but it’s really a case of “ made the law find the loophole”, lol


It’s not the case of running away but just to annoying the opponent when I know I am doomed, I have 2 hard hitting and fast Dinos plus the vraptor in my team, I should probably take one out in favour of a big health one…


I’m happy to wait longer if an opponent quits and the AI takes over for them.

It’s virtually a guranteed win and incubator for me as well as more trophies and progression up the ranks.

This is only going to harm yourself I think.


Please do - free win for me. I’m probably going to assume the game’s crashed on you like it keeps doing to me…


Jeeeeee.it was a bit of tougue in check,’ I since realized it can be a tactic and also realized against legendaries Vraptor are meeeh… anyway :joy:


Well, I only swap my Raptor is she would get killed otherwise. For example if the enemy Dinosaur has a move slowing her down. A glass cannon is useless without speed.