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Swaps and Counter-Attack Mechanics?

Please i didn’t understand this:

  • my erlidom x tryko.
  • i do a rampage-and-run and opps tryko a basic move.
  • i hit tryko, it counter attacks my erlidom.
  • my swap out brings my dracorat.
  • my rat does a rampage against tryko.
  • tryko does a counter (again) followed by a basic strike.

is that intended? tryko does 2 counters, because of being hit by 2 dinos?

it would be fair, if MY tryko did the same in another battle, but didn’t: the 2nd counter against rat didn’t work for me.

one of those situations was wrong? :scream:

It is intended. If yours didn’t then that could be a bug, but it’s hard to tell without more specific information.


mmmm… swaps from erlidom to draco against a good health tryko would be a nightmare than.

dioraja even worst.

Swap In moves (Strike, Rampage) count as normal attacks, and will always trigger a counter


what if tryko counter kills the erlidom before it swaps out?

then the new dino choosen is not hit by basic tryko move?


Then there will obviously be no swap, and the basic attack is skipped unless it’s a self-buffing move, a cleansing move, a shielding move, basically anything that affects the user.

If a tryko kills the erlidom with a counter on the strike and run, no swap will occur.

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yes, but the dead erlidom player actually did a full move, and tryko not (only a counter).

for the same fairness as the swap scenario, wich guarantees a move from both players, shouldn’t tryko hit next dino?

the same question would apply to all counter scenarios:
if any creature hits another and gets counter-attacked, the counter player losts its turn…
a worse situation is if the counter creature gets hit by a bleeder, like:
erlikospyx hits tryko, gets counter-attacked and dies. tryko gets a full 1x hit, bleeds for 1 turn and looses its choosen move.

unless reached a victory, shouldn’t it have its turn move guaranteed against opponent, once it survived?

it’s the problem with hitting “in the air”… :thinking:

There is no next dino. If Erlidom dies from the counterattack after using Strike-and-run, no swap occurs.
And like I said, Tryko will then only “hit in the air” if the move it was going to use affects itself in some way, like if it’s part of a setup (putting up shields, ferocious moves, cleansing moves, etc). Even if an “___-and-run” move isn’t used, if the counter KOs the opponent, the counterattacker will “bite in the air” if the move it was using affects itself, as mentioned above.

For example, if a bleeding Purutaurus takes out its opponent with its counter before it can use cleansing strike, it will use cleansing strike “in the air”.
If a Miragaia takes out its opponent with its counter, it will use Shielded Decelerating strike “in the air”.
And so on.

Basically “hits in the air” only happen when they actually make a difference, which makes sense. If they did otherwise, that would only serve to prolong the battle for no good reason.

For what it’s worth, it could be argued that since the “and run” part of “strike and run” wasn’t carried out, Erlidom didn’t get a full move either.

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The issue here is the “turn” is ended.

A hit n’ run dino hit’s a counter-dino, the dino gets killed by the counter so no swap-in takes place, that means the turn is ended.

Next turn the player picks their next dino for the next turn.

Your suggestion of the turn being carried over to next turn would make the arena more toxic than it already is.


What we really should be discussing is how OP taught R&R to his erlidom :sweat_smile:


mmm… thanks for clarifying. :wink:

the “hit in the air” move (without positive effect) is intended then, only when a swap in dino does the move, right?

like erlidom rampage and run + dracorat swap in rampage. if erlidom rampage finishes opponent, the next dino will always do a “in the air” move, rampage, stun, slowdown, etc.

i this case what ludia could do to make it better is not running swap-in animation, since there’s no opponent there anymore.


There is no swap-in animation. The animation is the dino dieing at the counter, then it disappears like a normal dead dino, that is when the attack then hits the air.

It happens a lot with my Carnotarkus, I just think of it as my Carnots’ show of victory!

I think you’ve misunderstood. @AndreMR is talking about Swap-in moves (ones that affect the opponent) chained with “___ and run” moves, where the “___ and run” move takes the opponent out, leaving the Swap-in ability to “hit the air”.
This excludes abilities like SI-Invincibility, SI-ferocity, etc.

Anyway, that’s an interesting suggestion @AndreMR. I have experienced this exact scenario and the Dracoceratops’ SI-rampage animation plays even though it’s only “hitting the air”. Does seem pointless.

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Ah ok I was looking at it from the ___ and run dino being the one that gets killed.

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hehe, sorry, my bad. i started talking about one scenario, and after you people clarify me, i mentioned another scenario, with swap in in the air.

thanks too. :wink: