Swipe between Dinos


Would be great if we could swipe ledt/right between dinosaurs in teams/collections/not yet collected…

It’s a bit of a pain in the neck having to close each statistic page down to then open another to close it down, then open another.

C’mon devs, should be an easy thing to implement and would speed up gameplay and improve gaming experience


You read my mind!! This would be such an improvement


Yes, this is the most important missing feature right now.

It would also be great if we could sort the dinos by health, damage, speed, armour and maybe critical chance.

And filtering would be good too, or categories instead because I would like see all dinos which have a certain attack type, like destroy shields, bypass armour, reduce speed. Or have a certain passive ability like counter or immunity.


Definitely need some faster way to compare Dino’s. Having to open and close each dinosaur stat is way to combersum.