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I should probably take this as a sign to go to bed, but I just noticed that we has a light Indominus Rec that is a component for a dark Indoraptor with yellow stripe, and a dark Indominus with yellow stripes that is a component for a light Indoraptor.
Do you think they already noticed this? If not, who wants to tell them? Keep in mind that you’ll probably get eaten. No? Nobody? Alright, we’ll just let it go then…

Well, Blue’s DNA gave IndoG2’s new pigments. But I don’t really know how Velo gave the first Indo that black color. It’s like in the movies though. And apparently the other Indo from the movie was supposed to be white.

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Curious. I was aiming for a funny and ended up with a Pterosaur. :stuck_out_tongue:

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