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Switching accounts

Hi i play on android phone i have played since day 1 and spent hundreds of hours and real money on the game … i log in with google play . My son wants to play also but he doesnt have a device … i was wondering can i start a fresh account for him on my phone by logging in with facebook instead of google play so he can play without me loosing my progress in the game … because i would be devistated if i lost my account . Also if this is permitted could my son be in my alliance that i am leader of ?

If I was you I would set up another google play account rather than a Facebook one. I lost my main account when I did the google and Facebook accounts alongside each other. Luckily Ludia got it back when I set up a new google play and I happily switch between google accounts now.

And yes you could have him in your alliance no problem at all.

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