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Switching constantly in the arena


I didn’t know where to ask this and didn’t know if I would get in trouble for just making a new topic but I was wondering about something in the arena. When I battle sometimes, when the opponent gets to their last dino, they just keep switching between one and the other. I was wondering if this was a bot I was fighting or just a strategy for players to last longer?

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Definitely bot. Or someone who’s angry because you’re winning lol


I thought so, but I always thought a bot would be more like when you fight a player who’s disconnected and they just use their first move. But I guess strike towers are also bots and they don’t just use one move.


No. They’re sometimes very hard to fight. Yesterday I had a bot with all lvl 25 legendaries all boosted lol.


@Sean_Sperry I cannot tell the difference between a bot and another player.

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Well thanks for the input guys, I guess I know when I’m fighting one then. They also tend to have weird names, like the last one I fought had housechores or something.

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Also, if you look in the recently played you will not find them.

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Yeah, that’s how I found out. I just checked and they weren’t there.

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That isn’t really true anymore.
I’ve battled people with over 800 trophies more than me and couldn’t see them on my recent list. :confused:

I got trophies for it, so I know it wasn’t a bot. Unless that’s changed?


Wow that’s weird. Don’t know if they changed it
Although, how did you know they were 800 trophies above you if you couldn’t see them in the list?


Because no person would be 800 or more below me with lvl 27-29s. Lol

I’ve also seen a few of them on the forums or know their alliance and checked them that way.

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That makes sense lol


Sometimes people just want to drop arenas for specific Dino incubator. It happens. And they start doing it when they have it 2 - 2 score line for the daily KO count. Just do 5 arenas this way you get the daily plus you drop trophies =) besides it won’t take them long to climb back up either.