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Switching dions for battle


Can anyone tell me how you can select what Dino you want to use for battle. I got new Dino’s and I want to use them


Hi there, Caitlin_Marie! The game automatically selects four of your dinosaurs from a possible list of up to eight. You can modify this roster by going to the Collection tab at the bottom of your screen, and then hitting the “Modify” button near the top-right. You can make changes to your team as you obtain newer dinosaurs, or level-up your existing ones!


i dont see the modify button on my collection screen


Button should be in the top, right corner if you go to your dinosaurs.


Thanks that was supper helpful


There’s no “Modify” button on my collection page…


Thats because you got a full team of 8 dinos but no more.


Its because you have only 8 dinos unlocked. Once you get your 9th, you’ll see it


Well this was super helpfull indeed… Thank you :sunny: