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Switching from Android phone to iPad

I currently have a year long sub on the game but it is on my google account and not Apple. Will this affect me in any way and how will I deal with it going forward?

(If you saw this before by chance, I posted it in the wrong spot so moved it. -lol-)

Edit: to clarify, I have it connected to a Facebook account already, it is the VIP/Fidelity subs I am concerned over as those are on my Google Account, not the account itself transferring over.

You can contact Ludia support with your current Support Key on your Android and the Support Key on the iPad. I think Ludia can help transfer everything over to the new iPad account. I don’t know for sure but I have heard of Ludia doing this. Overall, best thing to do is to reach out to support.

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Theres a couple different options for you.
You can link your acct to Facebook then it doesn’t matter what device you use; you just login with your Facebook login.
Or you can take a screen shot of your support key then once you download the game on your new device contact support and they can add your current game to the new device.

It’s already connected to a facebook account. I am more worried about my Fidelity/VIP memberships so I don’t lose them. Considering the whole Epic Games/Apple fiasco, it got me curious on how to deal with it with the memberships.

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I got it on a FB acc, as stated above, it’s purely the memberships that are on my Google Account that are the issue. Dx


I’d be curious if this works. I pay through Google for VIP, but used to like to play on my iPad Pro as well. I contacted support because even though I login through Facebook, it wouldn’t recognize that I was a VIP player on my iPad. They told me it was two different systems and they don’t communicate to each other so it wouldn’t work. Hopefully for you they can transfer your status to Apple.

Will see how it does here in a few minutes hopefully. Going to try to set it up soon, been a bit busy.

connect to facebook please

I have already, I’ve said that about 2 times. It’s the VIP/Fidelity I’m worried over.

it wont dissapear

It’s not that that I’m concerned with. Do I need to transfer it, does it actually still count on there or will I have to stay on my Samsung phone until it’s moved over, ect. Those are the issues I need answered.

Hey Demi! If you haven’t emailed our team at yet, you can do so as they’ll be able to assist you directly. You can include your support key as well.


Are you sure about that? It DID NOT for me (not yelling, just emphasizing my correction). When I emailed support about it, they said Apple and Google don’t communicate to each other so I can’t have my VIP on both unless I paid for both.

Edited: sorry, was supposed to say DID NOT. Sorry for the confusion.

Working on that now as I am in the process of setting my tablet up to see what happens when I first log in!

@Bandeezee , so that’s why it worked when I used to log into my wife’s (Apple) account on my (Android) phone.

@Demi, you will probably have to let your Android VIP expire and buy a new subscription on the Apple device. The best way to minimize the disruption is probably to have concurrent membershipson both accounts during the transition. Otherwise, you will probably have to restart your VIP progress

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Like i said when you install the game in ipad directly connect to facebook

Going to contact Ludia first because I am not restarting all of that at all.

I know this, getting my account there is not the problem. It is once again the VIP/Fidelity memberships I have purchased through my Google Account. See the problem? I am going from Samsung/Android to iPad/iOS.


I have sent a e-mail in just in case but upon log in, everything was there. My VIP, fidelity, it was all here. I’m hoping I can flip back and forth between iPad and phone depending on what I gotta do cuz I can’t always carry this with me sadly.


Wow, I may try uninstalling from my iPad and trying again.