Switching Heroes

I cant seem to figure out how to switch up my lineup for Explore. I know that Battle is random, but I’ve been stuck with the same 4 heroes for Explore missions. Help?

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You have to have at least 5 heroes. The cards below that that show your heroes hold your finger on it and move it up to the line and over the hero you want to replace.

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I have the same problem. But i want to change my arena team. I have selected 4 heros for my line, but when i fight in the arena i dont play with my selected heros. Is there a second way to change my lineup for the Arena?

arena lineup CAN’T be changed.
As for the explore / challenge, you can do as Procas said:

Swipe the hero’s card from the bottom panel to your party and that hero will become active.

I understand that. But my problem ist, that the heros i selected for my party aren’t the same heros that i play in the arena. I dont know why. In the explore or challenge mode it works.

it has been said on multiple occasion on this threat itself…
You cannot changed your Arena lineup, it’s purelly random with all 8 of your heroes, even if you have a level 3 heroes, you might not get it and get your fresh level 1 instead.
This is to force you into upgrading all of your gear and character and not just focus on your main 4 heroes.

Here is the link to the patch note with the battles mode integration. All the information is in there.

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Perfect thanks. That’s the answer i was looking for.:+1:

How do I change party members ?? I’m a complete newb and would appreciate any info. Ty

It also says you can add and delete characters from the random pool, but you cannot. Mine isn’t random at all. It always picks the same 4 even though there’s 3 others to choose from