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System Requirements + Tablet Question

Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I was just curious on what the games current requirements for RAM are? I am somewhat looking into getting a Samsung Tablet to play Jurassic World the Game and potentially Jurassic World Alive (which requires 2GB if I recall right) along with some other games.

I have looked around and cannot for the life of me seem to find a RAM requirement unless I am maybe not digging as deep as I thought.

Since I am pretty new into looking for Samsung Tablets, can anyone tell me what one may be best to play the Jurassic World games on (specifically TG though!)? I am currently looking at a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019) but may look for one with some higher RAM and the ability to to a higher OS. Just was wondering if anyone had any suggestions, I’m not looking to spend 500-600 on one but would like something bigger than my S9+ to play on when at home at least.

I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) with 2 GB of RAM and the game is still running. But with every update I can see it getting harder.
I’m thinking of a (2019) too, if you are first let me know.:blush:

I use a Tab S4 (2018), running smooth as butter…

Alright, if I get it first, will be sure to let you know. Looking at getting it for Christmas or Birthday.

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Sadly, that one costs like 700-800 currently, so that is totally out of the question.

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Oh yaa… or if its there, Galaxy Tab s2 may work, I used to play it loooong ago on my old s2, not sure if it still works though.

Here’s a picture of your tablet.

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Haha very funny, I said “smooth as butter” not “it’s butter” though. XD But it was really funny, still laughing lol

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Pffft, dude! XD