Sytem glitch

Last week i liked on fb then it said on monday it would send me a gift well on monday i clicked on the gift it was 100 game bucks and was like hell ya so i tried to accept it then the game froze and when i got it to work again it said i missed the reward so i contacted support about it andisaid its a visual error on my part cuz i revcived it and i asked them how i look up missed rewards to show them i did not and they avoid the question and i reportes 4 incubators that did the same thing and they keep telling me i got them all but they refuse to let me have accsess to my missed rewards cuz they know i never recived any of it and they dont want to make what there system did right like the 1200 game cash they took money out of my account i did not recive and they say i did and ik as well as everyone eles this game has issues and they dont fix them they add new stuff in hopes ppl wont notice the errors like for example i went into a battle a lil bit aga and all of a sudden the game chose my dinasour for me and chose my attacks and played until u lost no matter what i chose it did something eles and it happened right after i sent support it has so many issues and we get screwed out of stuff and they get away with it so i say everyone that has gotten screwed start blowing support up until the make things right cuz i love the game but tired of looseing incubatiors and cash due to a stupid glitch that they cant fix