T-Rex Ad False Advertising


So there’s a notification/ad about a guanteed t-Rex dna and am incubator with a t-Rex picture that doesn’t give out t-Rex Dna. Do you see how shady this is? I dunno if this is a glitch but people are going to need their cash back.


I got T Rex from the limited premium one. Sounds like I was extremely lucky.


Hmm, in my Shop is a 50$ Incubator with guaranteed 500x Rex DNA.


Why don’t you go you local park and get the TRex?. I got mine there earlier today.


Yeah the $50 t-Rex (which is crazy) is showing up now, hours after the notification/ad which is poorly timed as they already had a t-Rex incubator.


No the other one was a apex predator something. It had a picture of trex but no guarantees.


I bought 2 Trex guarsnteed incubators and got 500 each. They launched this campaign before and i got as they said as well.

I also bought 2 Apex and got around 500 Trex DNA in total. Though it sux, it was better than all other special offers in which specific DNA is guaranteed. I bought all special offers and rarely got the dinos shown in their advertisements. SO DON’T BUT ANY NON-GUARANTEED INCUBATORS.


@HeldBack I understand that. What I’m saying is that I shouldn’t have a pop-up notification on my home screen saying “T-Rex incubator- guaranteed DNA!” and the only incubator in store in the apex one with the t-rex on the incubator. That makes it seem like that’s THE t-rex incubator… how should I have known they would add a $50 t-rex offer hours later??