T. Rex DNA usage

So I finally got my first Legendary Dinosaur after…I don’t know, ten months? Something like that. The thing is, great as the Indominus is, it still does less base damage than the Rex. Should I still focus on leveling up the Rex since I’ll be ten years older by the time I get the Indoraptor?


You didn’t get any Indo DNA from either event?

And no, Rex needs to be at fusion level, period.

I did but I have like, 43/250 cause the first one was when I was new and I just sucked the second time.

How often are you hunting? I leveled my t-rex to a 20 and my raptor to a 27 before I started trying for indoraptor, but I hunt on average 2 to 3 hours a day. I prefer using rex to Indominus because of the power hits, sheild breaking and critical chance.

No offense but if you got 43 on two tries you sucked twice.

That’s not a big deal though. Just work up as expected and stop Indom at 20 (probably) for now. It’s a great dino though and you’ll love using him as you progress.


If it takes you ten month to unlock I Rex, probably what you need is more hunting.

Even if I just hunt for the event dinos I would unlock indo if I had played 10 month.

But if you can get the indoraptor after this trex event this weekend its a game changer

Not really… Indoraptor isn’t as useful as it seems

you sir… tried to draco me :joy::joy::joy:

The game didn’t work for me for (iirc) May to halfway through July but it’s still pretty crummy it took me this long, yeah.

Fair enough lol.

Sucked twice it is. It’s running pattern just looks and feels weird. Hard to predict compared to the Rex, which I was able to practice for with other large theropods.

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What I see from your screenshot is that new players are taking far more advance in lower levels than we older players did. Indo didn’t use to be on a team at least being on 10/11 level.

Oh it was very tough to dart. No doubt. You did nothing wrong. The second time around it did feel like you could get it streaking in one direction which was nice.

I felt like I was making zero progress forba long time then suddenly I made leaps. Keep grinding and dont be too rushed, enjoy where you are and the journey.

also I had Draco on my team for the first time… seems not so useful, Utasino is better

Yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to start doing Epic incubators now lol.

Maybe not. First battle Indominus was in had her fail her cloak and get pounced, lol.

That hapens. There are those times you win too which is great fun when you get to read about it here and folks and their Indo “never hits through dodge” while they are facing opponents that win this. . Enjoy it.

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My first Indoraptor dart was “6” my next was “107” level matters.

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It takes a lot - a lot of raptors for the Indoraptor. 2000 per fuse of raptors + 50 per fuse of I-Rex. Of course 500 raptor + 50 Rex dna per fuse on the I-Rex.

If you are very very unlucky and only got 10 dna pre fuse on both I-Rex and Indo after I-Rex is 20 and your raptor is 20, it would take 112,500 raptor dna to make Indo.

I got lucky with some good fuses and I got lucky with some good raptor payout in some of those epic strike towers. When you get up there a bit with your team, you’ll be able to start beating those.

I got just above 1200 raptor dna from the epic raptor strike today. I just got mine to 22 and now starting towards 23. :grin:

How often and how long do you hunt? I’ve been playing four months and this is my team, and I’m close to having a couple more uniques as well. But I spend a considerable amount of time every single day hunting. Like eight hours.