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The past week, I have found around 15 epic t-rexes, 1 baraynyx, 2 ourjas, 1 branchasour, 2 nodopatosaurus

Can you please fix this? Why on earth is t-rex so popular. PLEASE I just want other epics than the same 1 pretty much constantly.

It’s starting to depress me now every time I see a t-rex

not everyone cares about indoraptor. I don’t even battle I just like collecting stuff but this is stupid.


Wow, that’s the first time I see someone complaining about getting too much epic dna.

You know, indos aside, T-Rex is a killing machine. You should use all that dna and level him up if you don’t really care about indos.

Edit: if you like collecting, I recommend stamps, dead bugs or something of the kind. This game is half collecting-half using what you get to battle others. You can’t expect the game to respond to which half of it you are playing and feed you dna according to that.




If you don’t care about them just don’t dart them…

It’s a global epic that spawn everywhere so, yes, it’s fairly common. This DNA is required to make one legendary and three uniques…so I’m really fine the way they spawn. And it’s a fairly good dino on it’s own.

And even after hundreds of them I’m still happy to see one of them around :heart_eyes:


I didn’t say I didn’t care about getting t-rexes I just think the rates for every other epic need to be the same.


Then don’t say that you’re “depress every time I see a t-rex”. Some people don’t have it at enough level at the moment and this is condescending…

This game is about grinding. They made T-rex not exclusive and fairly common and I cheer up Ludia for that.
I understand you want to see some of the others epics more. Then it’s simple : metahub guys did a really good job by mappings areas spawn. If you want a specific epic, just go to the corresponding area and walk around.

At the moment for example the area where I walk around the most is L2. It has everything I need right now :

  • Dimetrodon for magna
  • Dracorex for utarinex
  • Deinocheirus for diloracheirus
  • Ourano for diloracheirus

This area is easy to spot, when you see a lot of deino around you’re at the right place :heart_eyes:


Ah, the way you explain that makes it so much better now, thanks I actually never knew how to know what area I was in but I guess if I see a dino from that tier then I am in tier1/2


Hope it helps :wink:

A great way to find different area are the commons because it’s easy when you see a lot of them :

  • Lythronax/euoplo for L1 (Kentrosaurus, sino, dilo)
  • Deinocheirus for L2 (ourano, dimetrodon)
  • triceratops gen2/iguanodon for L3 (erlikosaurus, mono, tuojang)
  • allo/para for L4 (ankylo, raja, giraffatitan)

You have to see 2-4 around to be sure to be in that area. Because for example deinocheirus are spawning at bus station too and it can be mistaken for a L2.

Good luck !

Not finding epic dinos anymore

Do you hear the music? It’s a T-Rex rubbing his otherwise useless little fingers together because he’s playing the world’s smallest violin just for you.


I’m in L1 and I get loads of erlikosaurus spawning around me… strange


"15 epic t-rexes, 1 baraynyx, 2 ourjas, 1 branchasour, 2 nodopatosaurus”

That makes me want to cry. :tired_face::rofl::sob:
My son and I search high and low and see maybe 1 TRex a week, almost never an Ourano or Baryonyx. We go out everyday.

I wish they all spawned like your TRexs… Spawned right at my house.



You have no idea the black gold that is T-Rex DNA you ungrateful youngin’… shakes fist