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T-rex encounter


Put more T-Rex encounters on the Las Vegas map please, or adleast on the popular places.


Not alot of people i know play the game see much rex either it has become more rare then irritator

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I see alot of irritator and exaggerated amount of manjungasaurus.


I see alot of the gen 2 but the other is a arena exclusive only. Rex has become more rare since the 1.5 update. Wish i lived in a l1 zone i am l2 and l4

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Does anyone know what zone is Aria Hotel in Vegas?


I saw an epic rex today! :smiley:

It’s maybe the 3rd I’ve seen since 1.5


There’s mostly blue rare and common kind of dinos.


I mean which location 1-4 is the hotel in.


What dinos do you see around there? Can tell you from them… I mean specific names…

Or post a pic of them and I’ll tell you

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Irriator is global (so you see it everywhere regardless) but Majunga is L1 so youre probably L1


I’m in area 6. Still see alot of those.


I think you are in Area 51))

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No, I said area 6. How about you?