T-Rex event is impossible


im at 78 of 150… yea good luck getting in 3 chances only… why not just let use shoot at as long as we have arrows? so annoying getting half way there…


I got 60+ DNA per attempt. Improve your aim/technique. You should be able to create any epic in 3 tries. Practice on other similar style common dinos


Yeah, if u AIM correctly, especially at First shot u can get so much…


I got 175 over three attempts. It’s far from impossible, but the Trex is a harder target than your average common


I find this hard to believe, unless u are like lvl 10 or higher… iam only lvl 4…


Make sure you’re within 100ft so max drone time. Take your time on first shot to get perfect hit. Try to lead shots. If you don’t get at least 50 or just know you did bad close the game and try again. Only saves after you let it load back to map


Key thing to shooting darts is to get used to each dinosaurs pattern for each new attack. Typically the bigger dinos like rexy go from middle to front to tail n rinse n repeat. The only thing you have to worry is when you get your direct hits that it speeds up but leading your targets will help in getting more DNA.


Try aim just in front of the actual target you’ll have to judge the speed to the distance in front of the target you want to shoot but once you’ve been playing a while you’ll figure out where to shoot in relation to what dino it is and how fast it’s going


My 3 attempts was more then enough to bag me a Trex I had enough to make him with some left over then again I am level 7


You find lots of things hard to believe according to your multiple posts, and you respond very negatively because of it.

No, I’m level 7. And after practicing, I unlocked a couple epics after luckily finding three of them while level 4 or 5. It does require skill, which gets better with practice. Also, from my own experience, the T-Rex is the most frequently-spawning epic, so you’ll see them again soonish - if you wander around enough.


Just FYI it seems absolute max drone battery is less than 30 feet. An extra second or two can mean the difference between getting a direct hit and a dart not landing on time :slight_smile:


Lol @ most spawning epic. Maybe for you it is wherever you live but not around my areas. He’s the least found epic ever.


Hence “in my experience.” :wink: You’re welcome to come to Vancouver BC to hunt him with me, the weather is amazing right now!


All the people telling you to aim better are probably at higher levels. As you go up you get more DNA per hit. If you are new and just starting I doubt any of these expert shots could make one.


ok i am totally useless then… how awesome here is my profile


Agreed, it’s tough for low level non-VIP members to get enough DNA in 3 attempts to create one.

Anyone saying they easily get enough are most likely VIP members with 33% extra time and high levels with more DNA captured per dart.


That’s my high score :grin: And it’s without VIP


T-rex, ouranosaurus, and postimetrodon are the only 3 epics that can spawn anywhere anytime so yes t rex is tied for top 3 most common epic spawn globally. Just because you don’t personality notice it doesn’t mean it isn’t spawning right next to you.

You get 1 more DNA per dart per level. Still easy to get 50 per attempt at level 4. Just practice, dart and quit before finishing repeatedly until you get a good streak and keep it.


I got my T-Rex as well. After my three strikes, I had 130 DNA (had some DNA for Rex before). Then I was lucky…a Rex spawned just a few metres away from where I live. So I went out and got it!


I’ll be honest the only reason I do so we’ll without vip is I have a really good spawn site nearby