T-Rex Event Locations - Escaped Dino at 60 DNA points


So, I’ve done 3 T-Rex event locations so far. Can’t seem to get above 65 range - Any time I get close, Dino escapes! One time the “wall” image wasn’t even nearby! Usually it happens with only 1-2 seconds left, but I’m being taken out before I even get to the countdown.
Anyone else having this issue? Or am I just happening to get random bad luck?
Anyone manage to pull 70+ DNA points off a T-Rex during the event today?
(Happy Fourth of July!)


Well, used all my tries for Pyroraptors, but had no problems. Always 80-100 DNA (500+ total from Event).

But, big Carnivores like T-Rex are not as easy to hit as Raptors. I often get like 60-75 DNA on T-Rex.


This happened to me today I got to 52 dna and it ran for the wall like it was on fire :weary: