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T-Rex Event


4 down 2 to go … but I am terrible at darting them, consistently so: 58, 59, 60 and 53 - last one was a creature escaped with plenty of time to go :sob::sob::sob:

Any tips for the last 2?

Oh well - managed to level the old girl up to 17. Concentrating on getting her to 20 as she is still on my team. Already have I-Rex up to 18 which is also on my team - use it for its immunity and damage; only ever use cloak as a throw of the dice if I am about to die.


Definitely one of the harder ones to dart given the head/tail movement and distance between each target. I’d say those numbers aren’t that bad.


I love how you call it a Trex event and no one quibbles. Like will anyone dart Secondodarus this whole event.


Secondodarus who? :rofl:


I tend to average 100-130 per Trex at lvl 14. Certain tips could be, always get that first direct hit, there is no rush. The rexy tail is hard but not impossible to direct hit. Don’t hold the dart for more than 3 secs, gives a better chance of it not escaping. Idea is just to dart as fast as you can with accuracy, in the short amount of time that they give you. If the tail be moving like a rattlesnake, just simply sacrifice that dart by shooting it else where, to rotate the darting spots.

It’s mostly all in the mind I think, people get pysched that’s its a rexy and start to panic. Take deep breathers and just go with the flow. Don’t worry I used to be the same. If I got a cookie for how many trex have escaped :joy:


Thanks - I’m Lvl 14 too and would hope to be up near the 100; like the idea of sacrificing a dart to rotate the darting spot. And I agree about it being in the mind!


Was about to go out as soon as it started and it chucked it down with rain. About to go out now. But I also find TRex very hard to get good darts on.


Only done 2 so far with 112 and 102 on them which i consider good anything over 100 lol


I did but only because a Rex didn’t appear the first time so I didn’t waste my time I darted the other one.