T.rex extinct?

Where had all the t.rex gone its been 2 weeks and i ain’t seen one of them anywhere i have seen 3 monolophosaurs and 1 sino about 4 baryonyxs and about 3 ouranosaurs

Not a bad haul tho :man_shrugging:t4:


Find an area with a bunch of restaurants close together. Where I work, there’s nothing but restaurants… and usually a T-Rex around at all times.


I swear I’ve read this with the Holding Out for a Hero song in my head.

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Its not bad but still not going to get me an indoraptor and with this speical even with sino and rexy its made the choice even harder

Got alot of takeaways cafes and pubs round my end

Haha if thats what you would like

Haven’t seen one since the update… I was wondering as well… Rexy where have you goneeee… ??? :tired_face:

I don’t get it i used to see them all the time and didn’t realy want to make the choice of rexy or sino as i need alot of sino to get and boost allosino up so i can put him in my team

@Liam_Catley I read this a back when the 1.5 notes were released … I don’t know exactly what it means but it sounds ominous and I don’t like it:

Me telling Ludia what I think: stop this nonsense and keep the good things the way they are


Sounds to me like the more useful the dinosaur the less likely it will be to see it around


Indeed, miss the big chomper popping up once in a while n my indoraptor badly needs the DNA to lvl up, thousands of velo dna but rendered useless :roll_eyes:

Haha yh usualy pops up on monday outside my house as i leave for work. I did have thousands of raptor until i leveled him to 21 by accident

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Ouch I feel for you haha, if it makes u feel any better, I bought 10 velo scents as well b4 the 1.5 dropped, on top of my existing velo dna, argh ludia why muz u screw us over and over!?

Darted 2 today at the same location but at a different time (at my mom in law’s) place. Coincident?

Seen the first one yesterday afternoon…was glad to see it was within my range… :slight_smile:

Nice! I hope my turn comes soon! :wink:

Ouch that is a kick in the jurassics haha. Managed to get alot of velo dna back but its the coins wasted more then anything

Nest maybe?

Will see plenty at the weekend just a shame we won’t after sunday also same said for sino