T Rex for indo


Anyone have tips on where/how to find More t rexes My t Rex is alrdy lvl 14 but i just Cant seem to find Any t rexes anywhere.!


Spawns anywhere any time. Just gotta look


Get back to arena 1. You can get at least 8 dna from 8hr incubators. If you are lucky sometimes you can get its dna from 3hr incubators and even 50 dna from 8hr incubators. It’s so boring though. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


I have gotten them from different tier incubators. No need to go backwards


Absolutely you can get them, but you can get trex dna from every single one of arena 1 8hr incubators.


But im at lockdown rn…


Oh man. Trying to weigh if it’s worth it or not.