T.Rex Gen2 and Spino Gen2.... why no Hybrid?


Ok now if I remember right the Gen 2 versions are the recreated versions from the original with some Gene editing. So the Spino and T.Rex Gen 2’s are based off the movies. Why wouldn’t they be a hybrid? My first thought when it comes to hybrids is Spino and Trex yet they are basically useless in this game. Why wouldn’t there be a hybrid of at least the Gen2’s? SpinoGen2 is probably the worst Epic in the game yet pulls state that Spinosaurus is among the most popular of all the dinos. Why Ludia? Why would you make one of the coolest dinos in the whole kingdom be reduced the a useless dino? Make a hybrid out of the Gen2 versions so that they have a use at the very least. I’m tired of getting constant Trex Gen2 DNA only for it to sit there and collect dust. Countless strike events handing it out like free candy on Halloween and yet its absolutely useless.


It wont be getting dust forever. It will most certainly get a hybrid sooner or later. Game is out only a few months. New updates being realeased twice already. Just keep gathering dna will come im handy one day.


I agree, the Spino is so cool but not in this game. Rexi could be better, gen2 Rex waste of code. Spino gen 2… why? Combine them? Brilliant


maybe a weaker version of indominus hybrid in the work?


Prob will get a hybrid eventually gen2 have started being able to be fused