T Rex gift

So? When does it start? Its not the current chase before anyone says that’s it either.

If I had to guess it starts tomorrow 12/14


Seems likely imo

Probably on the 12th day of christmas…

but-but that’s today…

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No because it says the 12 days of Christmas

Sorry that song is stuck in my head

what is that of “T rex Gift”?

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It says 12 days of t-rex gift and that there will be a gift. The song (and ludia) said there are gifts every day starting the 13th. I don’t see any gifts in ;-; Last time I checked, Christmas is on the 25th.

With “gift” mean those that appear on the map in pink?

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Hmmm I dunno but it would be good for my idominus tex

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I hope you have some coins

You’re missing the point. I’m asking when does it start. I’m fully aware of it being a thing

I always have 1 million+ :wink:

Like I said, if it says 12 days of t-rex, it should be on the 13th to lead to Christmas day, 25th.

Luckkkyyy 101010

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