T-rex has to be buffed

Well, The T. rex is too weak in this game. Seriously there are other dinos which are actually weaker than the rex in real but in this game they’re stronger than him. Plus The Rex is the most popular dinosaur in the franchise and why can’t they make him a VIP Dino?

T-rex isn’t the only popular dinosaur of the franchise. Velociraptor, Spinosaurus and Pteranodon are also some of the most iconic dinosaurs from the movies. If Ludia buff T-rex because of it’s fame , then should buff these creatures too. As for the power, the game isn’t based on the original “power” of the creatures. Also, there are some dinosaurs that originally had the same or even bigger size and power with T-rex such as Giganotosaurus, Spinosaurus and Allosaurus . Ludia can’t buff them all by calculating their original “power” (if that is ever possible). That would cause chaos to the game.

Why do you want T-rex to be a tournament or a VIP dinosaur? If that happened you may never evolve it at level 40 (and make Indominus rex) and the newer players would need way more time to get even one copy or unlock it. Do you want this to happen? Now it is easy for everyone to get it. Isn’t it good?


They can change the stats of the indominus then

lol the dinos which are actually weak are stronger than the dinos who are really strong.

IMO, Trex is a really good begginer dino. It has won me many battles.


As much as i like trex i dont think he should be buffed. He’s good as is.


He just gets one shotted by most creatures which is stupid to see

I still regularly use my T-Rex’s in tournaments - even in Dominator.


At this rate I’ll have an I-Rex Gen 2 before we get unlocks for velociraptor or T-Rex gen 2…

That’s nice

Are you talking about how a little salamander can kill a massive carnivore?

That’s also one point

Yeah agree that where the T-Rex is currently makes a lot of sense, as it isn’t immediately available to newer players, but it’s one they can get to after a few months of playing, and it’s the most powerful legendary so it feels like a real milestone to get one and even more so to get the lvl 40 made. There have been T-Rex special events as well, so it definitely gets a LOT of love in this game.

And yeah I do agree it’s a bit silly that the little amphis can take it out, but they had to make some class have advantages over carnivores, even though clearly nothing in nature does. When you think about what options they had, it was really their only one as it would make even LESS sense for the amphis to have advantage over the flying pterosaurs.

I’d complain more about them adding the Gen 2 T-Rex and not making THAT a much more powerful creature. It seems totally pointless.

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True, The Gen 2 had to 2x times stronger