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T-Rex I WILL find you today!


I have sat at 243 of 250 to create indoraptor for an entire week! Literally all I need is to dart 1 T rex and he has been MIA all week. So frustrating!! Driving into bigger town today, determined to find him.


Macy’s is having a 65% off sale on Tommy Hilfiger towels today. I always felt that a new towel was a cheap and easy way to mix up the daily routine without getting too crazy. They come out to just over $6… not bad if you ask me. Might be a fun stop on your t-rex hunting trip.


Lol :slight_smile: Unfortuantely I live in Vermont and we no longer even have Macy’s. Heading to Home Depot, 30 min drive so I’ll be shocked if I dont find a T Rex today. I live in a rural area so it’s a bit harder to get the good dino’s :frowning: I did however create Diloranasaurus this week which was awesome!


@Hersh I giggled way too hard over that. What the heck!? Lol

@Kaseybear16 Good luck finding a rex! I’ve not seen a wild one since 1.5 update.


Have lunch in a Burguer King or McDonalds, surely one will appear if it likes what you’re having.


Last week I drove through three cities, including Albany. About 100 mile round trip. Down several major roadways with strips of chain restaurants.

Guess how many Trex?

Good luck finding Trex in VT. Seriously, I hope you find a few.


I’m the god of Trex. Lol :open_mouth::joy:
I have caught 33 in the wild since 1.5 came out. :open_mouth:
Got Trex to 20 with 4133/1000 dna, JUST created ankyntrosaurus 4 days ago. "Try"kosaurus might be my last unique. :joy:


I literally see one in the wild every day


Same here. The nest spawn for the Trex is at restaurants

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@Hersh- if you find Trex by the towels, pls post a screenshot!:grin:

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Went to Albany today. Passenger. Went to restaurant lane (not real name, just lots of restaurants)

Again, zero Trex.

That is all for now


Success!!! Finally :slight_smile:


Dear god man your spending $6 for a towel?! Kohl’s has their Big towel for around 2-3 bucks, it doesn’t have a polo figure on it, but it soaks up water all the same! :joy:


Fair point, but my Macy’s has a Dairy Queen in the same mall so I get an M&M blizzard while I’m there too. It really makes for a nice afternoon … no DQ by our Kohl’s unfortunately :man_shrugging:t4:

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Well see I wasn’t privy to that information lol

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The majority of my destinations are determined by their proximity to ice cream joints :icecream:


You really can’t go wrong with Ice Cream. I’ve got a DQ and an amazing mom and pop frozen yogurt place near my home.

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I like your thinking

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