T-Rex Monster!

I’m not even mad. Well played sir…! :metal:


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That’s pretty beefy. Here’s Brutus though…


That’s incredible. Love it

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I’ll get there one day lol

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Nice!! Its awesome to see T-Rex getting used more often now that we have boosts. One day all of our t-rexes will rule the arena haha


omg! :scream:

using in tournament? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

i guess only bleeders can do something. :thinking:

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Whoa dude. That’s a monster for sure! Did you save all Rex dna and not make any hybrids and focus on maxing Rex first?

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Yeah i took T-rex to 30 first. I had Indo at the time but had stopped working on it so nothing would interfere with the t-rex DNA. I didn’t even create any other hybrids until it hit 30.

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