Should i build up my T Rex first or go for the Indo due to the lack of T Rex in the UK might see maybe one every month to six weeks unless there is a special event, and probably all over the universe plenty of Velociraptors though.


Go for Indominus Rex first then towards Indoraptor.

Level up T-Rex only when you are ready to start the grueling journey towards Trykosaurus. :sweat_smile:

Go for indominus

I lvled my Rex to 20 then indominus then Indo raptor. Trex is still on my team and has been since I fused it, it’s still my favourite semi crit reliant tank buster and favourite Dino in general. Levelling takes a less amount of DNA than fusing does in most cases though if not a Rex fan indom then Indo rap then lvl to 20 for tryko prob quickest route to arena powerhouses

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In Sorna Marshes and Jurassic Ruins Stegodeuses are running rampant tough and T. Rex is the best tank buster outside of Thoradolosaurus, Tyrannolophosaurus and Tenontorex.

Imo leveling Rex and Indom at the same time is the best you can do. It worked wonders for me, only benched T. Rex for Tyrannolophosaurus in Aviary.