T. rex proof:

Soo …
There have been a few secrets I’ve been hesitant to admit (you can understand why): If you open an epic scent during an epic weekend, you are more likely to get one of those epics.
(Same with opening an epic scent in a pArk, you’re more likely to get a pArk epic)

Starting this weekends event with T. rex, I’ve opened more epic scents than I’d like to admit.
(Your rent, your friends rent and then some*)

Yet not seen a rex…

I’m afraid we have been duped people.

Please save save your cash and take your friends/family out to drinks/dinner instead of wasting It here

*not really this much but enough to have a significant sample size


and please, dont drink and mustache drive.

How has your darting experience been this weekend @Julien_Mayfair?

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i will let you know when it starts @Hersh

Its like I posted in another thread… its not baryonyx diluting the spawn pool… T rex has become a very low spawn chance and this includes nest spawns.

Anyone who hasnt yet created the Rex variant hybrids should consider using attempts on Rex… sino atleast should be back for xmas.


Exactly what my plan is.

Guys, I found 1 T-Rex spawn on Thursday and two just on my drive home from work yesterday, most of which I obviously wasn’t playing the game, so statistically it’s likely I missed a couple others. So T-Rex is definitely still out there.

I got an Epic Scent yesterday from a tower. Gave me a Sinoceratops and utahraptors. Which would be bad if I’d paid.

I’m still going for Sino everytime. Dracorex and Utah are all I ever see worth darting. At least Utarinex is going somewhere unlike anything else in my team.