T-rex Raid crazy Strategy

Hi, I have a strategy for Trex raid if anyone wants to join. I need 3 more Inostheriums. I am not expecting to win, this is for fun! I have the level 15, if you want to join, just say so with a friend request! Friend me at ExtinctBuckle22#9005 if you want to join me! The raid is first come first serve, so act quickly!


i can provide a lvl 6-7 inostherium…

that is perfect. send friend requesst?

My username is Epicdinosauria12
I don’t know about the # number part though

you can either look by clicking on your level icon in the top right or send me a request. mine is ExtinctBuckle22#9005

when i am allowed to play then i will tell you

ok cool. I will be active all day sso just ask whenever

ok i sent request

cool. ill get two more and we’ll try it out

@anon28420136 you will be one of the Inos’ that goes for strikes and impacts, ok? Number 3 in the line.

I can provide lvl 10 inostherium

ok, send me a request.

Maybe I can level to 15

its fine whatever level

you will be the first Inostherium in the list, ok?



ok, my profile is ExtinctBuckle22#9005

Request pending!

I am rexyforever

got you! all we need is a fourth!