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T rex (rip)


I cannot believe how difficult it is to find T Rex since the last update …considering it is needed for 3 essential dinos it is very dis heartening …there needs to be more variety in how we can obtain epic DNA …be it through daily mission rewards to greater variety in spawns I urge Ludia to look into this and make daily gaming more rewarding .
One last thing …I believe epic scents should be 500 cash …Please comment if you agree with any of these points.


Hello ! Well, T-rex has always been hard to find in the wild, only my concern ;). I had to dart only at him every week events which putted her into the light to gather the max. Last week end, all of my 12 attempts were for her ;). And the dedicated strike towers rewards rarely gave me T-Rex DNA… but well, I would appreciate more variety too ;). Sick of all the secodontosaurus/koolasucchus/concavenator/spinosaurus gen2 rewards on the strike towers XD. I really expected new hybrids with them… but only koolasucchus will get one ;). Hope for the 1.7 update, I’ll be ready :slight_smile:


There was an epic event the other weekend where you had 12 shots at Trex. Did you get a chance at that?


It’s not just about T-rex, basically any epic spawn in the wild is a miracle


Unless its Barry, lol. Then its like, “Damn, that could have been xxxxxx, or xxxxxx or …”


I was just about to start a topic titled ‘increased epic spawns?’. I’ve just caught 2x TRex, 1x Amargocephalus, and 1x Bary in my village in about 10 mins. Now a golden chicken has spawned down the road so I’m going to have to go out of the house in the rain.



I live in L1.

Outside of special events, I’ve seen 3-4 in the wild since the last update.

It has me seriously questioning whether I should continue playing. I haven’t evaluated it, but the negatives likely outweigh the positives right now. Spent an hour hunting last night in a vehicle with the wife. Her PoGo, me JWA. She spent more time catching than I did, for sure. Her bag was much more full at the end of the night, and with more variety. Can’t even say I like the battle arena anymore, with the wall and RNG waves.

The only fun is dropping arenas and strike towers.
The worst is pushing a damn button hundreds of times so you get the DNA needed to push another button hundreds of times for the hybrid you need.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.


Kentro and Erliki are my unicorns. I’ve never had much luck with either of these since launch. Nothing has changed in all this time either.

Still waiting on a developer reply as to why Erliki has never been featured for an event dino. It’s either a serious bug in the code, or the devs really are completely out of touch with their own game and/or playerbase. It remains to be seen.

EDIT - Kind of odd that all my dinos that need incubator exclusive DNA to level are much farther progressed then something that is supossed to be dartable in the wild. Shouldn’t that be setting off some red flags, somewhere?

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