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T rex + Stat Boosts= mashed T rex

With the release of the Stat Boosts, I thought I could improve the spinosaurus and make it viable !!! … but besides having low stats and just decent skills … it receives a reduction to the damage in the new update … Ludia … Now you can double the damage of the dracoceratops please?

Well I just complained, I’ll cut to the chase, the Stat Boosts are not enough, I do not ask for an increase in Stat Boosts in the shopping section, I ask for another systematic, I want to be able to improve my non-hybrid dinosaurs, even if only my spinosaurus , and that this has the opportunity to face a unique hybrid and win.

Are you a fan of Tyrannosaurus? Tell me what happens if your Rex injected with Stat Boosts until your muscles explode, in front of a Trykosaurus with the same improvements? The opponent would have to make several mistakes so you can beat him, and you should ask him God that your opponent does not hide a dimondactylus or an improved dracoceratops that comes out of nowhere, so you do not end up shouting insults in a thousand languages.

And it is not limited to the duck with half oreo in the back or the king of the overrated, there are several players who like other dinosaurs in the game, from the carnotaurus, the triceratops or even the sensual pyroraptor, they would love to be able to use them in a top league, and at least one of them is among the top 100

Ludia has to offer us a new modality, where we can customize our favorite dinosaur, my ideas are the following:

  • Customization of your lizard: you could change the skin, the skills, the name and even the design of the dinosaur by others (Ejm: I got bored of spinosaurus, I want oxalia or ichtyovenator) … Ludia, you want money ?, you can earn it selling skins in case you did not know!

  • rarity increases: example you have a velociraptor with two abilities, you upgrade to a category: rare, then you gain a skill, you upgrade to a category: epic, improve a skill, category: legendary, improve another skill, make it unique, improve a third, the basic one and earn a passive if you allow it (obviously also the statistics).

Those are the ideas that occurred to me, share yours, you have to get out of the monotony !!!

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T.rex is outclassed really badly. It deserves this strength. Plus she is nothing compared to “God of Thunder”

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Boosts aren’t for making unviable dinos viable, they are for keeping your currently viable team viable. It’s a sustainment system not an improvement system.

sorry, translate is a *********, my point is not that the Stat Boosts have to improve the weaker dinosaurs, but that ludia should give us the option to do it but in another way

that’s why I put the title, the tyrannosaurus is a good example, it’s one of the most beloved dinosaurs, and that’s why they spend their Stat Boosts on it, but over time it will be like when the Stat Boosts did not exist, and the tyrannosaurus will leave of being an option to have it in the team

the best is a customization option, so you could modify a dinosaur of your choice and take it on your team, even for a single dinosaur

Imagine how useful it would be if your tyrannosaurus had the ability: Defense Shattering Counter-Attack or another skill that will improve your performance in a fight without using Stat Boosts, it will become a stronger dinosaur and you can take it on your team to fight in higher leagues

but perhaps you would not like your Rex to compete against Thora and win, if you could get another tyrannosaurus which you can modify or improve in each aspect you choose, of course, you can not return to your Rex a copy of Lord Lythronax, but you can have skills at the level of unique category hybrids