T rex strike event


Is this a good team to do the event?


There will be only “rexy-type” opponents, and all lower than lv10.
So just need your 3 raptors to end it.


So, is it only Tyrannosaurus or other cousins of its family?, like tarbosaurus or gorgosaurus


Hmm…wait, do you mean epic or normal strike tower?

Actually both could been ended with raptors.
But for epic one, you should make sure your raptors could deal 1700 on pounce for each one.


The epic one


Well, didn’t work out


For this one, there’s only a lv30 T-rex.
So simply use some high damage dinos.


And I did, but he got 2 crits in a row and killed my Utah and pyro


Its a level 30 T-Rex with slightly above 5k health. Its slow and with no immunity so you are gtd to have the first shot, and the 2nd shot if your dino is strong enough. Just do the math to make sure your 4 dinos got enough firepower to kill it.


Hmm…I know the reason. Your raptors lv are too low.
If they got base atk higher than 850, then 3 raptors is enough.


Did take out my allo but it’s slow so killed it eventually


Found the L30 T Rex event on the way home from work. Successful but it did take L16 Indominus, L18 Velociraptor and then L16 Stegoceratops to take it down.I was hoping to get some Rex DNA but no such luck. :frowning:


Wrong one :joy:


I guess you’re right


I did it with 18 indo and blue at 15, but he almost 1 shooted my indo i was lucky he used his strike not impact becouse he crit so impact would 1 shoot him


Here is lvl 30 T rex’s stats for anyone who’s interested


Did my trex strike event. Lost. Why? Trex strikes 3 times. ALL 3 TIMES CRIT!!! SO UNFAIR!!! Ludia always talkes about fair play. Well so fair is Ludia giving a dino 3 crits in a row!!!


Same here, why do this ones are too hatd


How’s your dino deck?


I actually got Rex Dna in the other one!