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T-Rex + Velociraptor: The Most Important JWA DNA?



Velociraptor used for:

  • itself: not higher tier, but the fastest jwa dino and very useful for lower arenas
  • indominus rex: apex
  • indoraptor: apex
  • erlidominus (through indominus): tyrant

T-Rex used for:

  • itself: alpha, as velo, very useful for lower arenas
  • indominus rex
  • indoraptor (through indominus)
  • erlidominus (through indominus)
  • trykosaurus: another tyrant

WOW! many essential dinos that only are made if we have plenty of t-rex and velo dna.


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sino is also very important and yields almost as many hybrids.


sino itself is a pain for lower arena opponents, with that stun-stun-stun… and makes alosino, thor, utasino and utarinex.

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