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T-Rex, where are you? Extinct?


It past 5 months to me get an indominus. But because lack of Rex dna, not velociraptor.

Velo spawn according to wikia info, its a common, I see it mostly at night.

But T Rex is the nightmare. Its really epic, or I should say legendary.

The dna I collected was almost all from those events (1/5 trying) that make it spawn everywhere for a period of time and number of trying.

But nothing else. See: I now cant find a single one rex for many days. No rex around the city, no rex at day or night.

And I’m now at Arena 7, that is supposed to offer rex dna from incubators and I have to say that I NEVER get rex dna from incubators.

Where is Rex, extinct?


Been seeing a lotnof trex lately


I have actually seen a bunch this week. It’s nest is restaurant so you can always check there. Or wait until Friday and Saturday. You’ll be able to get 12.


i’ve got 1 rex yesterday, but surprisely it spawn at night :thinking:

today just darted Sino in Local3 which is so strange. I guess ludia just mess up with spawn mechanic?


Its sino week so you can find her in every local

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SWEET!! why didn’t I never heard about that :joy:


There are some topics on the forum ^^’ and it’s on their pages on Facebook and Twitter and in the news feed in the game :wink:


I had 4 rex in 3 days. In local 1. Looks like a rex event instead of a sino event :joy::joy:


I haven’t seen a Rex in ages. Sometimes I think they don’t want us making Indominus and Indoraptor. :frowning:


Found one today near a restaurant.


as a proof, the last days i put my smartphone in a car support. i drive every day and i can tell: NO t-rex anywhere, and i drive near many restaurants at different times.

do you see sino day? for me here was carnotaurus day and now its barionix2 day.


I see rex every day.


Ive seen 2 Rex in last 5-6 weeks.


Please send them my way. :t_rex:

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as i see in your answers, it seems it depends on location…


Honestly it really does. I hadn’t seen them for a while, and then on Monday I saw 4 in one day. I am at work during the week and don’t get around town a lot, but when I am able to travel around (mostly on weekends) I can usually find at least one. But not always.

If you ever do find one, make note of the place and time because it is more likely to show up there in the future.
There is a restaurant by my work that usually has one pop up about once every week or so. Always in the same place and always at 4:00 pm my time.

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In version 1.4, I used to see one t-rex almost everyday. After 1.5 I see one t-rex every two weeks. Oddly enough, I saw two yesterday. I don’t expect it to show up on my way for another fortnight or so.

Make the best of the 12 attempts to rex DNA on Friday and Saturday.


I haven’t seen an Epic Rex in the wild since before the last major update…I live in a Local 1 and regularly commute to a Local 4 (where they used to appear frequently).

It can’t just be down to Local Zones, it must be down to where you are in the world as well, because some are obviously getting them all whilst folk like me are getting nothing.


T-rex is a global spawn. It should spawn equally in all locals.

Ludia reduced spawn rates for most epics and meta relevant rares with 1.5. Since them many threads on this forum have been reflecting how unfair this is. If they listened, they should fix it for the next update or before…


I found and dart 5 yesterday. But i noticed it was (again) an event… :confused:
At least i got enough to level up indominus. Now lets wait for next event day someday…