It is a good deal to stay in 1st arena and collect t.rex ?


I was actually thinking the same and it might not be a bad idea at all. The velo is a good started, trex is needed for indominus and unique AND procera / dimetrodon are very versatile too. Im am / was in highest arena (going back & forth). While i do get loads of reward it mostly is a complete gamble while lower arenas offer more limited DNA choice; which is good if you want to evolve.

The only thing is; going up grants arena rewards (the level up bundles you can buy; in case you do) and especially more reward per incubator the higher arena you are. Not entirely sure how big the difference is but you get the idea. Eventually you still want to go out since you can catch loads of epics if you’re lucky; but pairing that with Arena might not be a bad thing really.