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T rex


Where is it more likely to find a t rex, any suggestions


Apparently your nearest AMC cinema!


Arena 1 drops, thats all where i finded :confused:


Found one on the highway, one at the local sushi joint, and one miraculously outside my house!

Saw another one in the distance at a school, another at a diner, and a third on another highway.


Ran into three today. One at Wal-mart, one on top of a hill and the other next to the river. No consistency that I could see.


I got mine from AMC… However I upgraded mine from playing in my nearby Green space


I think that the scarcity of epic dinos have to do with other players’ activities and locations. It isn’t all just completely random… For example, several players in location A gets a dino at an area that people frequent, like a residential area or a large strip mall. They’re sure to find plenty to choose from, at the very least a few rares and a plethora of commons, as people are everywhere and everywhere there are people there are players. But do epics really like to spawn around where more people are there to exploit it? I wonder. Players in location B, where only a few souls would spend more than ten minutes, can feel a bit inactive but trust me when I say that they could really be out there. I know this, I used to live in the middle of a desert. Made playing kind of hard… I can say that my progression increased about 200% ever since I started playing in the city. Anyways. Everything everywhere has a number. These numbers are selected and averaged out according to “x” and this seemingly random number is created. (This is called RNG; Random Number Generator) With this number the game decides when, where, and how other dinos will spawn. From point A to point B this many dinos should spawn around the player and while they are in movement. However from point B to point C there isn’t much activity. Just pepper them in here and there with movement. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that there are certain (seemingly randomly generated) areas that have higher and lower chances of spotting a T rex. So my advice would be to keep searching around you until you eventually find one, which you will. :+1:


Around eateries;
restaurants, burger joints, etcetera.
I’ve noticed that if you see one, very often it respawns close to that same place after 6 hours (however, game updates might disrupt that).


I call bs on around restaurants… I’ve never found one anywhere near one and mine have spawned randomly from being on the road, to near rivers or local water areas to well, a park.


I did find one hanging out at a Red Robin once, along with a Gorgosaurus next door at the sushi joint.

However, it’s the only one that did, and all the other Rexes I’ve tagged were seen:

At a park (1)
On the highway (2)
At my house (1)
On a river (1)

So I’m more in the boat of “calling BS” on this as well, seeing as I work right beside a handful of restaurants and there’s only ever been the one I’ve noticed in a month of playing.


No pattern I can see except I found 4 on my way home from work 430 - 6 pm at different locations. behind a warehouse, in front of a library, in a residential neighborhood, in the middle of a major street. others were at random locations as I was driving they just popped up.

The Gen 2 Rex has been in local parks when I go for the event dinos but gen 2 isnt the same as big T


Saw one next to a dentist’s office today…


its one of 3 epics that can spawn any place any time. there is no such thing as farming him, you just have to play.


Go figure. Mine keep spawning at a little strip mall between four eateries & Dunkin Donuts or in front of this larger burger joint half a kilometer south (& always at a time when I can’t get over there-knowhutimeen?).


Here in a city near Milan I got T-Rex:

In my neighborhood
In a park
In a main street
Near Mc Donald’s

T-rex used to spawn a lot near restaurant before, but now there is the migration so we need to wait to see if something will change.