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T Wreckz (10/10 alliance) recruiting!

We are looking for one, possibly two, active/dedicated/motivated player again (yes!), preferably one who loves to play battles (PvP and tourney!). We reach 10/10 weekly, finish tier 8/9 in alliance championship and make sure EVERYONE in the alliance who wants to will beat ALL apexes weekly, and currently have 3 (sometimes 4) lvl 20 sanctuaries.

Have a few rules, so PM me for details if interested.

I wish i could, but i only have a few uniques

does level and progress matter?
because im at level 11 with one (soon-to-be-2) legendarys

I just wanted to come by and say THANK YOU :tada: :tada: :tada:. Although I’m not in your alliance, you usually accept my invitation and helped me beat a lot of APEX in the past few months. I appreciate it and good luck finding your new members.

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There is no specific level requirement but we’re close to hitting level 9 consistently in tourney championship so looking for someone who does well in tournaments ideally

Love to raid and happy to help any and all if I’m available!

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Lvl 17 here, active daily. Got a sibling who just started the game but is active daily. U guys have 2 spots?

1 spot filled already so only one spot still available

Any openings still. Lvl 20 player, active, over 5000 trophies count.
Discord dmuir9398#3657

Yes still have one opening for now

Hi there, is there anymore vacancy? Currently I’m at 5100++ and an active player

We do still have one spot available

Cool. I am looking too. I am currently in one, but i think the people are not active. I am currently with 5300++ but sometimes i reach 5600/5700. Level 20 of course.

LastVagabond171 #0315

Cool. I sent you a private message on here.

Thank you but I found one

Ok. One spot still available

Spot just opened up. Direct message if interested

Spoils of labor

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I am very interested. Your community is active?

Well… i am very active. Most of days i do all the challanges and open all the incubators of high and medium level around the map